So While Everyone Makes Their New Year Resolutions . . .

I hate New Year’s Resolutions!  I really do!  I have not made one for several years because I have very little will power and that is what resolutions are all about. How much will power do I have in order to change a behavior.   When the resolution is broken, self assurance either wavers and  the internal mantra  “I told you so” becomes the dominant ‘voice’  there is no real growth in life.

So instead of resolutions, I want to make a few growth goals.  Not to reform or to change a habit or behavior, but to grow who I am.  If growth happens in a year, great, if it takes longer, so be it.  It is not about “power of the will”, but the desire to grow and to improve or strengthen my character, NOT to change a behavior. Behavior modification is like a habit, blow it once, and it is all by totally blown. It will take 21 more tries to make it a habit again.

I don’t want to live habit after habit. Rather, I want to live a life that is full of growth and deepening of character.

A “journeyman” is one who has been an apprentice of someone else for years and then becomes a master at what they were studying.  I want to be a journeyman when it comes to living a mature, Spirit filled life.  Ones who are still learning called those years, “journeyman years“.  That is what I want to invest in this year.

This year’s blog will be about this journey this year.  Next time, I will share one of the growth challenges that I am embarking on.  I have to make a list and see what God wants to grow in me first.

So, my fellow journeymen, come with me and see what this year of growth and deepening your character will do for you in 2015!


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