Know Who You Are, Love What You Do!

“Do you know who you are and why you do, what you do?” It is a question that I have been pondering and working on for the past year. I have always had a good sense of personal identity, but could not actually express it.

About 12 years ago, I was involved in a wonderful community group and during that time, my friend Steve Tonkin, would constantly bring up the idea of personal “passion”; what really gets you going and how do you make a living while using your passion? I have always been one to live my passion. Little did I understand that my personal passion was actually an expression of my personal identity. My identity being based in my personal faith in God.

For over 15 years, I worked jobs just to make enough to live and still have time to do what I was really passionate about, mentoring young people. Years later, I even moved to Poland to follow my passion.

During my time there, I took various personality, and strength tests to see how I mixed with my team. What did these “tests” tell me? They told me how I behave, but NOT what motivates me or what my identity was expressed. Motivation is the internal “hard wiring” that everyone has. Personality is “how” motivations are expressed, but it does NOT create motive. Because I tested for only personality, some of my outcomes were confusing and even demoralizing due to the fact that a few of the test told me that I was conflicted and did not understand myself. I was nothing more that a well meaning, but confused person. Neither was true and I lived in silent, self-doubt from wondering if I was just fooling myself. Well, I was not. I KNEW who I was, but my motivations were not evaluated, only the expression of those motivations were. Everyday, I find out new depths of what I have known and am still discovering about myself.

I have been transitioning back from Poland for nine months now. During this time, I have joined STC, a company started by Steve Tonkin. Steve has gathered a group of people who desire to train corporations and their employees to learn who they are and love what they do. Our goal is to help these people learn the language of Intrinsic Motivation and to change the company’s internal culture by using this new language and value each other with respect and thus reworking what it really means to work in a team.

My next several blog entries will be about what I discovered about myself and how I am walking this journey. I function out of four of the seven motivations and will share with you how those four look in my life.  I do believe that my transition time from living in Poland to now in the US has been a bit easier than I anticipated because I am aware of who I am no matter where I live or what I am doing.

So, join me in this new series of self-discovery . . .


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