Just When I Thought I Would Blog More!

I noticed that it has been a very long time since I have blogged.  I cannot believe that I am not longer a Josiah Venture missionary.  It is a very weird feeling. It all really hit when I no longer had access to my email or donations page and then I got the “exit” letter.  Wow!  So what now?

I am looking forward to my future as much as I looked forward to my time in Poland almost 8 years ago! I am working hard to develop media for business to use as templates in their presentation as well as looking for a new launch of another venture in January.  I will let you in on more of this in the future, but right now, I know I am exactly where God wants me and look forward to where He will lead me!

I am looking forward to Christmas and being with friends and family.  It is a very strange feeling though that I will not be jumping on a plane right after to return to Poland.  I know that I will have another round of re-entry shock in January when I don’t go anywhere.

Tomorrow, I get the wonderful gift of going to the Bronco’s game!  That is something that I have truly enjoyed being here!  Bronco games that are not 3-7 days old!  Yippy!!!  Go Broncs!


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