Transition is just a “Pair of Ducks”!

1403309_10151741776883339_861791614_o(1)My time at the Hideaway with MTI was amazing! Such a wonderful time and painful time and joyous time and peaceful time all at the same time.  It is all a paradox of returning to the US and starting the new chapter of my life.  It was refreshing to be with a group of people who were and are experiencing the same things and feelings and problems that I am.  I was able to see how being sad and happy at the same time without having guilt of either place is possible and good.  I have known this in my head, but last week it moved to my heart.

This morning at church we had communion and tears came to my eyes after I took the elements.  They just were not “Polish” and the time felt so foreign to me. It was not as intimate as I have had for the past 7 years. I was grieving for the church family I have had, amongst the family that I now have.  My good friend, Jen sat there hugging me, understanding me and comforting me.  What a wonderful gift God has given me in this beautiful woman, sister, fellow returned missionary.

As I miss all of my dear ones in Poland, God has given me a dear group here who has loved me well, encouraged me and even challenged me.  Just what I have needed.


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