If one member suffers, all suffer together. . .


“If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together.” 1 Cor. 12:2, was lived out in front of me and in me today.  I am at my debrief/reentry week in Monument, CO at the Hideaway center and am having such a wonderful and insightful time as I process my transition time and see how God is working in me.  I am with a group of 13 other missionaries who are either coming “home” to America, moving to a new country/island, or switching jobs within their organization.  We have been talking about transition and emotions along with what God has for each one of us.  Today was the transition bridge.  As I sat there amongst these beautiful brothers and sisters, I was a bit choked up with emotion, because they understood what I was going through.  We all gave words to our experiences and feelings and over and over again someone would say, “Yes! That is how I feel!” 

We also talked about the fact that no one understands the missionary mindset besides other missionaries.  It is a unique “band of brothers and sisters” who have a type of life that allows them to understand their world view and the way they experience God.  I am not saying that missionaries are any better, in fact, many of us this week would say that we are much worse than others, but there is a special bond and lifestyle that “home” people will never understand, as much as they want to. 

This is a very special group of people whom I have had the wonderful privilege of walking along side this week.  I am eager to hear how God works in each one of us in the coming weeks, months and years. 


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