The Dreaming is starting . . .

For weeks now, I have not been able to get anything to come out of the dream area of my brain/heart/soul. I have tried and tried to think outside of the box and yet, I have come up with nothing. I know that much of this is due to the fact that I am still adjusting and transitioning.

Today however, as I was meeting with my good friend, Steve who is helping me with this transition phase and looking forward to post-mission job search, I have found something that I could contribute and have fun along with help others improve their own business. Some similar things that I did in Poland with my team and church . . .

Okay, so I wrote that 12 days ago and then never finished.  The vision is that I will experiment with for the next month or so, is helping small to medium-sized businesses turn their boring PowerPoint presentations into visual experiences for their viewers along with how to get them better exposure in the social network area. I am in the beginning stages of all of this, but I am working with one company to see if: A) I like doing this longer than just one or two projects  B) am and good at it C) see what the need is for businesses.  I don’t want to just go and get a job to make money to live, but to help others in the business world, improve their business and thus their lives.  Through my business practices, I trust that God will give me avenues to live the love of Christ in front of my customers.  I am working on a logo right now and at this point will be working within a business, so I will not really be on my own.  I know that I don’t work well alone and need a team to spur me on and to be around.

I will be going next week to Missionary Training International’s  Debrief and Reentry week-long retreat starting on Sunday.  I am excited for this for a few reasons, but mostly that I am going to walking in with an idea and vision of what God just may have for my future and even if this ends up being a side job (as I continue to explore a “real” job), it is something that feeds both my creative and relational sides of who I am.


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