The reality of being home

One of the aspects of living outside of the US is the fact that I did not have to engaged in the everyday politics of the land. As I am here, I am having to live IN it!  Since the government “shutdown” or “slimdown” depending on who you talk to, all I hear about is the government!!  Ahh!!!!  When I lived here, I was WAY into the whole politics of the US, but now that I have not been around for 7 years, I see the importance, but not the obsession that I once struggled with.  It amazes me how much time we take thinking, talking and worrying about this when we have people who need new life in Jesus, not in the government starting up again.  Okay, Okay, I KNOW that I am being a bit simplistic here and maybe a bit naive, but it is part of my transition.  Do I take time to fully understand this situation, or to I just let it flow over me??

Okay, this may be a stupid post, but it is where I am today. . .  


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