An Unexpected Blessing and Answer To Prayer

“A soul that travels alone is a empty soul.” I am not sure where I read or heard that phrase, but I must say that I agree with it. Last night, I was took the challenge given by our lead pastor and joined a “life group” to start a journey together as we learn to walk closer with God and each other over the next several months. I had looked at other groups and did not feel peace about joining, so I thought, “Okay, Lord, maybe I am not to do this at this time, but I know that You know I need it.” So, I waited and wondered how God would answer my awkward “prayer”.  The next day, I get a call from one of my friends who has a group that was not on the list and she invited me to try it. Instantly, I felt the Spirit say, “Here you go!” 🙂

I know most of the members in this group and was happy to join, but I have been away for seven years, how would I fit in? It felt like I have always been in this group, and had not just joined.  What a blessed gift God has given me! I look forward to growing, struggling, rejoicing, failing and succeeding with this group.

I wanted to join a small group to ease my transition back to American culture, but did not anticipate that it would be with 3 of my dearest friends in this group. I thank God for this gift and look forward to lean on them during my difficult times as I they lean on me during their difficult times.

All I can say today, is, “What else do you have up your sleeve, God?  😉


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