BACK IN THE U.S.A! Is this really my country?

It has been way too long since I have blogged and I really feel it!  So, I decided that since I am in a new chapter of life and work and just everything I would even change-up my blog provider.  So, I am now here at WordPress.  Trying to learn it and stimulate more than the average everyday stuff I am doing to re-acclimate back to American culture.  So here I am.  A new blog to allow you into my life as I start over again in a new/old country.  Seeing how God will use me and stretch me and show me the areas that I am still not trusting Him in.

I invite you to check back often to hear how I am living during my culture shock and finding life back in the States.  When I was in Poland, I made a decision to not just survive this change, but to really live through it!  I must say, survival feels easier and I am struggling not to do this, but I know that LIVING through this time will be more difficult, but so much more rewarding!

I will be back with a “real” post!


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